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PANIC!!! (next weekend!)
by Lenara Verle [len SITOme] [email Lenara Verle] 2000-10-28 21:27:24 [722]
For those who have been missing it, and for those who are curious about it, there will be a special PANIC session next weekend.

Me and Ranjit will be setting up a "PANIC Booth" as part of the SCAN conference in Philadelphia.

Basically, we will be taking pictures of the reception atendees and uploading them for you to play with.

Instructions on how to participate will follow shortly, as Ed and Jon figure out what will be the interface for this special PANIC.

But you can mark the date in your calendars now! Images will begin to be uploaded the night of November 3rd, and the results will be displayed at the conference the following night.

More details soon!!! Lenara

--here are some URLS of interest: SCAN conference SCAN <> Sito PANIC: PANIC Booth: PANIC BOOTH <>

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