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Re: PANIC!!! (next weekend!)
by Lenara Verle [len SITOme] [email Lenara Verle] 2000-11-01 17:06:08 [728]
Ok, so we don't have the instructions yet, but WE NEED YOU!!

It would be a shame if saturday comes and we have nothing to show to the people in Philadelphia.

So... get your pixel-mainip software ready for the PANIC Booth this Friday!

The basic idea is to take portraits of the people at the conference, upload them to Sito and then you will have less than 24 hours to alter them in any way that fits your whims!

Instructions should be posted either on the PANIC page at Sito ( or at the PANIC Booth page: (PANIC BOOTH <> )

The interface will be either something similar to Slithr ( or if time does not allows, plain FTP.

So, are you ready????


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PANIC!!! (next weekend!)

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