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Panic - File naming conventions
by nlc [nlc SITOme] [email nlc] 2000-11-05 06:49:38 [750]
Okay.... I confess. I've used a different method of naming files for almost each image I've uploaded to the New-Fangled Panic. The first set was easy, because they were seed images. The next go-round I used Ed's and Mary's examples. Then I started experimenting. I think I've settled on Mary's latest way of doing it by adding a dash after the filename, then a generation number. When the file is uploaded, the script will add my 3-letter SITO I.D.

THEN! I found the stash of images in the "old" FTP section. Whoopeeee! Did a manip-thing, managed to upload it, then found that the image ended up at the bottom of the pile because my Photoshop settings named it using lowercase letters. Bummer.

I know all of this is still at it's testing stage, but maybe my experiences will help others coming in. Or maybe people who've been around awhile have some words of wisdom to impart.

Maybe you'll see this message and join in! Kudos to Jon and Ed for getting this thing up and running.


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