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Re: Panic - File naming conventions
by Mary Dettloff [mrd SITOme] [email Mary Dettloff] 2000-11-05 15:15:55 [753]
Well, I was trying to follow the file naming conventions of the Panic of old (as best I could remember them) but at first I was tripped up by the fact that the system automatically adds the ID - and the dash. I think Nancy's latest way looks best. It doesn't unnecessarily duplicate any of the elements and it identifies which level of the image you've progressed from. If we start by naming the seed images with "1" and maintain some consistency, the seed image should start out at the top and the stages it has passed through should follow in order.

Hope to see Panic as active as it has been in the past and look forward to those occasions when BAZ gets his students involved.

Thanks for getting it going again guys!

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Panic - File naming conventions
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