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Cubic mass design
by guest   2000-03-07 12:34:35 [198]

Hi, there.

I'm looking for people who use "real pixels" in their art/pictures/design.

With "real pixels" i mean photos or other material from the real world.

Personally i do what i can to make the web less digital by using reality-like graphics in my web-design. Weird digital imaging is great but I've made it my quest to make the "oposite".

I would like to exchange ideas with anyone who has the same attitude. I also have a lot of "real" material - if anyone is interested.

The site Bænken <> (soon to become is allmost made purely from "real pixels" - just to give you a hint on what i mean. I call it cubic mass design (M^3).

Reply on this og contact me at

see you Jonas Munk MadMonkeyMedia

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