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Re: Cubic mass design
by Ed Stastny [oed SITOme] [email Ed Stastny] 2000-03-07 22:06:17 [199]
I'm excited by both ends of the spectrum. Pure native digital pixelgasms are beautiful. I'm talking about images that take every quirk and weakness of digital and turn it into a design element. Embracing the medium. The whole "electronica" aesthetic does this, I think.

It's refreshing, too, to see chunky griticism. Real textures and colour fades. Coffee stains and cracks in the paper. It oozes out of the browser and makes everything feel deeper than the hard drive.

I am looking at Baenken right now. It's more digital than I expected, but the textures are rich. They've got an air of surreality to them, as if created in silica.

What I like are scrawled bleeding ink lines and rusty subtleties of decay. Perhaps a logo built and animated from rotting fruit or growing fungus?

I'm curious, why do you call it "Cubic Mass Design"?


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