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Re: artists wanted in collaboration
by Stephen Shires [sms SITOme] [email Stephen Shires] 2000-04-16 21:40:42 [226]
I am currently working on a similar project myself, although it involves examining my own concepts with regards to such broadly defined words as 'fields'. The objective is to find imagery that corresponds to the abstract definitions associated with unseen physical entities, in the latter case the four basic forces of nature. Unfortunately, the apparently obvious solution, namely, the use of abstract art imagery, seldom works in practice. The word would most likely cause me to gravitate to the scenery associated with my 'green period'(I specialise in oil painting). On the other hand, it is not difficult for me to conceive of simple but expressive shapes that would enable me to 'portray' a piece of music, even a complex part written one, in such a way that a viewer would be able to associate the piece with the painting without much difficulty. Perhaps the reason for this is that verbal languages are too highly evolved as a means of communication, compared with visual signs and symbols which, apparently, owe their attractions to the workings of artist's primative hind-brain. Steve.
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