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steven shires.
by  [mail] 2000-05-16 22:18:13 [259]
Steven - The problem with the word is not that it is too evolved, it is that it is, amongst other things, too highly socialised. Words can only be used in terms of their cognitive connections, that is, to describe abstract or non-physical entities. The use of language in this way is possible, the problem is not the methodology, it is the degree of subtlety that the writer has the artistic means to employ. I believe that to an extent a general sense of this kind of subject can be portrayed using language. If you would like me to to send you an example of this, I will send you a sample of my text work, mail me at . If you take the conventions and the rules and mediocre pre-conceptions out of the written word, you are left with a bare art that can be as expressive about the things that art expresses as any other media.
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