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Re: Grid masters
by Robert Dale Anderson [baz SITOme] [email Robert Dale Anderson] 2001-09-14 00:37:35 [3012]

As a former sysop of a BBS, with an extensive message base, in the early 90's with nearly a thousand users I am well versed with comments toward "sysgods" and your updated label of "grid masters". Your call for an Internet Blackout in my opinion should have been posted in sito.general.

Gridcosm is the most talkative area of SITO. Some may think it "is" SITO. It isn't. Why didn't you post your call in the area of SITO that all Sitoids are more likely to reference? Gridcosm is but a neighborhood within the greater community of SITO.

Having drifted myself in the past into clearly off topic conversations in the sito.synergy.gridcosm message base, I realize the ease with which it happens when one attempts to continue a conversation that only barely tangentally touches on gridcosm itself. Well, in fact, this here post of mine deserves to be moved to the sito.general topic area or dare I say off topic. I hope it is, it deserves it.

BTW - I am against any internet blackout. We should proceed normally. Reactions are exactly what terrorists want. Keep moving, talk to your friends and neighbors and keep the communication channels open.

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