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Grid masters
by Kiyotei [kyt SITOme] [email Kiyotei] 2001-09-13 23:57:04 [3011]

Perhaps "censored" is too strong a word. Can I say: judged, classified, removed?

I'm just trying to understand why posts you feel "off-topic" are arbitrarily moved to: ...discuss?topic=sito.offtopic&compact=0

If I post a message which is obviously not an advertisement and makes reference to a topic or image in the grid (or even saying the word: Grid) then by my understanding it is on-topic.

I relinquish your right to determine the content on your site and I understand your need to "keep the topic on target" but I believe that your methods so far are disturbing.

First: A nice contact explaining what it is that you feel is "off-topic" about the post would be a welcome change from your tactics so far - Which is to just remove/move those posts that you judge to be undeserving. I also noticed that some of your personal posts to the off-topic group have been removed.

Second:A FAQ or some guidance as to what you base your decisions on would be nice. I DON'T want to post off-topic messages and I won't - If I have a better idea of what you have in mind.

As you must know- I am a long-time supporter of you, Ed, SITO and online collaborations in general. I am so grateful to you for reaching out and providing a wonderful resource for artists and lovers of art.

So, please don't take this personal. I just feel the need to remark upon what I recently find to be a distrurbing trend.

your friend,


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