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Re: Grid masters
by Jon Van Oast [uwi SITOme] [email Jon Van Oast] 2001-09-14 01:24:44 [3013]
i do not take your comments personally. i understand your views that moving your post approaches censorship or, at least, is "disturbing" as you say.

in fact, i am posting this to the gridcosm topic just to let you know that i (/we) dont mean any harm or ill-feelings moving things out of this group; despite the fact that what we are now talking about is not gridcosm-specific (but rather sito-specific, discussion-specific).

BAZ does an excellent job outlining what its like to try to create order out of many parallel conversations in any kinda of discussion area. we are simply trying to give sito.synergy.gridcosm readers what they are (presumably) here for -- talk about gridcosm.

maybe i am misunderstanding something. i see only one posting of yours moved to off-topic, namely #2992 of 9/12 -- a call for an internet blackout. yes, this relates to a topic being worked on in the grid (namely the terrorist actions of tuesday), this is true. however, the post itself is bigger than, beyond, the scope of gridcosm. it is, in fact, something i would want more people on sito to read than *just* gridcosm-fanatics. as i said before, sito.offtopic is just our grab bag topic. maybe you would have felt less disturbed had i moved it to the sito general topic?

is the main thing you find disturbing the fact that potentially not as many readers might see the posting as if it had been on sito.synergy.gridcosm? i can understand this point of view. it may, in fact, be a valid point. the intention of moving it was nothing more than an organizational one -- keeping a topic on topic, its a judgement call.

i have *cross-posted* your message on both sito.synergy.gridcosm and sito.offtopic, as an exception to the rule of what we might normally do. i wish you would help me/us to understand what the "trend" might be that is disturbing you. i dont think ed nor i have changed the way we have decided what to move at all.

please contact me in email for any follow ups, as i dont want to keep the grid-players from their play, work, tributes, and the sort any longer with my own off-topic ramblings. sorry you were disturbed by our judgement call.

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