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Warm-blooded Aircraft
Every so often, friends gather at my place for a round of gossip and snacks. Often they bring their own friends, who in turn extend the net of my contacts further yet. It is through such networking that I had once found myself in a rather quaint company.

Pictured here are some of my guests, described just as they introduced themselves.

Soft and Cuddly

Big Beautiful Eyes

Patricia, the great horned owl, had landed at my late-night party and has been a regular visitor since. She loves the romantic semi-darkness of my dive and shows healthy appreciation for the vittles. She is quite a hoot, too -- few can rival her original, if mildly gruesome sense of humor.

Like my good friend Niccolo Machiavelli, Patricia keeps a dainty down cover on formidable talons and sharp beak. Add to these her excellent vision and all-weather flying capabilities, and she would be second only to lady samurai of 16th century in combining lethality and grace.

Handsome, Sun-tan Face

Majestic Wingspan

Lord Matisha, the Grand Vulture, is majesty personified. Though his wide wings lack payload pilons, his internal carrying capacity is unmatched. His normal fodder are small rodents like Easter bunnies and Mickey mice, yet he has been know to chew up and carry off small annoying kids, porky labor unionists and even cops with donuts still in their grasp. As you see, he is not selective when it comes to food.

He is, however, very picky about his friends. His philosophy is to divide the world into those he'd rather see as carrion and "others". I am quite honored to be among the latter.

Midori the Osprey is my cohort's foremost sushi connoisseur. Unlike most such experts, she can and does often catch her own fish. She had once stopped by my place on the assumption that Asian faces corellate with sushi and stayed for the intellectual discourse.
Skinny-dipping Critter
Bernie is the only seagull I know that can drown while absolutely sober. Once he has some Bailey's with his coffee, the Coast Guard is guaranteed a hassle. Bernie is as nerdy as birds get without getting domesticated. Some attribute such absent-minded behavior to the incident when my friend got sucked straight through a turbojet engine at O'Hara Airport.
A Vietnamese girl named Caroline
Not all of my friends fly. Though earth-bound, they are no less exotic for that.

To meet them, stop by my studio

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