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This collaborative art project has been evolving since December 1995. The idea behind this project is to create a "hyperlinked grid of visually interlocked images". Each square on the grid is a small image created by a participating artist. Each square is adjacent to another artist's square in the structure, appearing on the top, right, bottom or left side.

Creating images

When creating a new image for the HyGrid, the collaborating artist will (to some degree) attempt to make their image blend or fuse visibly with the adjacent squares. When successful, this "blending" creates the illusion of a seamless string of images.

Not two-dimensional

One notable characteristic of HyGrid is that the resulting structure is not a two-dimensional grid, but a hyperdimensional one. This hyperdimensionality is due to the fact that the sides of squares are locked only by references in the database. This pure-data link allows a visually confounding freedom of interlocking pieces. For example: one square can be linked to the "top" of a piece way on the "right side" of the HyGrid, but also be linked to the "left" side of a square way on the "left side" of the HyGrid, creating a bridge between the sides.


Of course, all positions on the HyGrid are essentially relative. There is no true "edge" of the structure except where there are "open" sides. That's where the artists (you?) come in...
As with all of the collaborative art projects on SITO, you will need a SITO ID to participate.

Tools and features

Here are some features collaborators might find useful.

Report Report
This is a statistical report of HyGrid activity broken down in many ways.

Reservations List reservations
See who has what reserved and for how long.

Wurmhoel Builder Create Wurmhoels
Set up Wurmhoels ("loops", "bridges"). JavaScript required.



Press and Tutorials

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