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A Place in Uncle Tom's Heart 1
Created: 2004
By: Bluemoonshadow / bms
Creator's Tags: photo
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Description: 1) Hawaii_____________________________ a)The writer created a montage of his early years in Hawaii, centered around a poster for the National Recovery Administration (NRA), one of the instruments created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to help America recover from the Great Depression. This poster hung in the executive offices of the New Freedom Publishing Company in Honolulu HI during the 1930's -- a company owned by his maternal grandfather. It survives in the writer's possession to this day. _____________________________________ b)The poster is flanked on both sides by watercolors of the writers Honolulu residences created by Rebecca Nakagawa. On the left (facing) is the home of his parents at the time of his birth in 1934 - 15 Coelho Way, Honolulu. On the right is the last Hawaiian residence of his family, 3834 Monterey Drive, Honolulu -- a new home built by his father in June - August 1941. Both watercolors reflect the homes as they were in 1995. _____________________________________ c)The lower portrait is of the RMS Aquitania, a North Atlantic passenger liner in use (after 1939) by the British government as a troop ship. Following the outbreak of war in December 1941 the Aquitania stopped for fuel in Hawaii while on her way to Australia to pick up troops for delivery to the middle east. By an agreement with the American government in late January 1942, Aquitania was put to work evacuating families (inluding this writers) from Hawaii to San Francisco in a voyage that lasted over 14 days. She is shown here in her civilian colors in a marine architects 1947 drawing estored and re-formatted by Rebecca Nakagawa in 2003. ___________by Thomas McDonald, Sacramento, CA

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