Artchive FAQ

What is it?

The SITO Artchive is a giant collection of art and artists. It is a place where artists can post portfolios of their artwork free of charge and free from censorship. Most of the artworks in the Artchive are images: scans of drawings, photographs, photos of paintings, photos of sculptures. Non-visual art is also welcome in the Artchive. As space permits, artists are welcome to post MP3, Flash, animated GIFs, video and executeable files.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Viewing and searching the Artchive is free. Putting your work in the Artchive is free. SITO exists as a non-profit service to the world arts community, funded and operated by donations and volunteers.

Get down in it.

For other information on the SITO Artchive, see Related help files.