Adding to the Artchive
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How do I post my art in the SITO Artchive?
You'll need a SITO IDhelp: IDs, SUE, and you to upload and update art in the Artchive. If you don't have one, see this help file. Once you have your password, you'll be able to login.

Once you're logged in, you can then add images using the handy automagic art uploader. Once your image is uploaded, you'll have the option to add detailed information about the image, such as "Description", "Media", "Category", "Born on Date" and "Copyright statement".

How much does it cost?
Nothing. Viewing and searching the Artchive is free. Publishing your work in the Artchive is also free.

File formats
Photographs and paintings should be uploaded as JPEG files, preferably "standard" JPEG (non-progressive) at medium compression and quality. For line drawings and hard-edged graphics, we suggest GIF files. Animated GIFs are also acceptable. Note: the only reason we suggest non-progressive JPEG files is that the Artchive Flashviewer currently cannot display non-standard JPEG files. Progressive JPEGs will show up in the HTML version of the Artchive. CMYK JPEG breaks a lot of things, including a lot of browsers. (Use standard RGB for JPEGs.)

SITO also welcomes artistic Flash (SWF) files, video, audio and even executeable multimedia programs.

Suggested Dimensions and Filesizes
Please keep your images under 500 pixels wide and high. Filesizes for still images should be less than 200k. It is in your best interest to keep filesizes small, so more people will be able to see them. For animations, videos, MP3's and other files, the files will be larger, of course.

See Related help items for more info, such as image ownership and viewing the Artchive.