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Kanzashi Sticks
Created: 2006
By: Dale Pline / dep
Creator's Tags: sculpture
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Description: These beautiful hair sticks are hand-made by a career artist in rare and exotic hardwoods from around the world. Most are 9 long with an elegant taper and smooth hand-rubbed finish. All colors are natural grain with no stains used. Except in matched pairs, no two are alike. Custom inlays and wood burnings are available on special orders. These unique kanzashi sticks are priced from $20-$45 (depending on difficulty) and make great gifts. Shipping, if required, varies but is nominal. Although many women use these sticks simply as hair ornaments (putting their hair in a bun, securing it, and placing the stick through the bun), hair sticks were originally designed to hold the hair without using elastic bands or other accessories. I was taught by a lady in San Francisco the traditional method of wrapping the hair in the stick so that it is a self-contained, functional and secure way to hold your style firmly in place, unaided by pins or clips. Once you know how to do it, it is quick, easy, beautiful and secure. Easy-to-follow instructions w/ diagrams are included in each order. Shipping costs will vary. In-stock items shipped within 2 days. Custom orders require 2 weeks. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Please call Dale at 904-563-5257 Or email for larger picture and specifications.

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Copyright: Artist retains full copyright of any and all works he or she has created. Please contact this artist before using any of the artist's work in any way. ('Full copyright')
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