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By: David Richard Probin / drp
Creator's Tags: collab mp3 abstract David Probin
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Description: Music with a message, listen while you look at my art and enjoy a journey. a mix of personal samples and other sounds with various other artists. Love and Light . David Richard Probin. 2006 LGL-HWA I m pretty sure its exactly that.. higher dimensions of mathematics or expressions of things in a way our mind can process, fractal equations expressed in liquid logic.. the energy i watched expressing itself in that frequency is what i can only term as a mathematical formula that appears solid.. I ve seen all of the occult symbols i know and religious ones during dmt, but woven in a unity that can probably only be expressed as an equation or endless logic loop. words can not express the symbols or shapes and a clear mind avoids remembering them, but some artists, scientists, prophets, pagans etc capture them and use them. I ve seen shapes so large and complex they were shapes made from shapes that folded into the shape i thought it wasn t.. but at the same time as i watched it... it was. sacred geometry of the moment.. never to exist again. go DMT and red wine :] for a win have cheese after. connect. nice post.

Size: 2506 KB / File uploaded: 12.26.2006 09:39
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