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DMT MAP. ART . Where Are You Are Here - The Answer To The Universe. Visual Guide for Humans No.33 [Assembly Required] Find The Center. 42
Created: 3.3.2006
By: David Richard Probin / drp
Creator's Tags: Consciousness Psychedelic Tryptamine Dimitri ayahuasca visual psychedelic Psychonautica Hallucinogens dimethyltryptamine dmt guide Endogenous dmt tec tech psychoactive tec MAOI tryptamines dmt tech guide Map dmt collage PSY David Richard Probin luminus chaos DMT ART dimensional surreal drawing dream light abstract energy The Answer DMT MAP David Probin 42 33
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Description: Are you going to take DMT ? then you may want a map, please have a browse before smoking, You maybe surprised that when you get back you remember a few places. Cognitive 5D projection is required in a perceptual Tri state to access the Door. Enjoy your Journey, take notes, ask questions and please, keep your arms in the vehicle.. if you can find them. I came, I saw, I drew a map. DMT ART DMT ART . The. Visual Guide for Humans No.33 Find The Center. David Probin I asked for an interpretation that I could understand. [I wasn t allowed to put too many of my filters in....] As you apply your perceptual filters / beliefs it will bend and merge to your bias.. this is my photo of a journey taken in a space that allowed itself to adapt to my perception while still projecting raw universal wisdom . you will find your truths in this image but links are intended for my perceptual flow. trust me, it makes sense. micro, macro, ego, energy and imagination are a system that fundamentally merges in the human avatar. links are guides to show base energy interpretation as it shifts from one experience of perception to the next, also how one system creates and allows the other to exist. The seed of a fractal perception. most people will see the fractal but not the seed. the seed is an oak tree. I am here now it should say. where are you are here. you inhabit a macro system and a micro system that allows many different systems to exist at the same time

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