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"The Hanging Bullgod"
Created: 3.20.2004
By: Chris Goodwin / haw
Creator's Tags: animal drawing dream fantasy graphic illustration jewelry painting
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The Hanging Bullgod

Description: 2004, Acrylic paint, ink, gold leaf, found wood.
The Hanging Bullgod is both a general purpose weather deity and male fertility figure. Chained to the sun, he hangs inverted and masturbates fairly constantly, spewing out the clouds - and when particularly agitated, lightning. During these violent fits of passion, he thrashes about, sweating profusely and causing the rains. His chain rattles and thunders about, threatening to break. Should this happen, he would plummet to the earth, smashing it to bits. This makes thunderstorms moments of particular intensity and possible cataclysm; sex is said to be better at that time because of it.
He is also something of a peeping tom figure, enjoying his vantage point high in the sky. During periods of draught or on clear, cloudless days, people are encouraged to parade about the home naked as much as possible, kiss in public, flirt with strangers, make love on the beach, take second honeymoons, etc. in order to incite the divine lust.
A minor note is that there are a few small creeks and rivers said to have been formed by his horns grazing the earth. The banks of these waters are considered both parks and holy spaces, where courting couples are frequently found actively provoking the monsoon season.

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