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IDX1274 & Actual Size - 10/22/05 The YMFC Experiments
Created: 10.22.2005
By: IDX1274 / idx
Creator's Tags: noise sound arts soundscaping
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Description: IDX1274 & Actual Size took a yellow metal folding chair and wired it up as well as the metal sheeting it stood upon. Using 2 drills, an old Milwaukee and an older Stanley, the two participants began to drill holes into the seat and backrest of the chair. Drills were likewise dragged, dropped, scraped and worked upon the chair surfaces as well for added team chaos. This screechy cacophony proceeded for approximately 50 minutes. The tape was then changed and for the 2nd experiment of the night IDX1274 & Actual Size flipped the chair over and drove black drywall screws into the 1/8" holes previously made in the seat and backrest of the yellow folding chair. This was done using drills with screw bits, hand screwdrivers and our fingers as well. After the chair was filled with all the screws on hand, they were all removed from the chair again and replaced into different holes using the same formula as previously described. The chair was very sharp and both participants received bleeding lacerations on their fingers and hands. This experiment also lasted approximately 50 minutes. The entire event was recorded for upcoming release as a 90 minute Cassette in a special package of some kind as-is with no post production. The experiments are labled YMFC #01 & YMFC #02.

Size: 33 KB / File uploaded: 10.26.2005 07:01
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