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Nagkita Kami sa MRT
Created: 9.1.2008
By: Jose A. Fadul / jaf
Creator's Tags: MRT Filipino culture painting watercolor Philippines
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<iNagkita Kami sa MRT width="1381" height="1095">

The Manila Metro Rail Transit System, popularly known as the MRT, is part of the metropolitan rail system in the Metro Manila area of the Philippines. Although it has characteristics of light rail, such as the type of rolling stock used, it is more akin to a rapid transit system. (It is not related to the Manila Light Rail Transit System, a separate but linked system.)

The MRT forms part of Metro Manila's rail transport infrastructure, and overall public transport system. One of its original purposes was to decongest Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA), Metro Manila's main thoroughfare. Many commuters who ride the MRT also take road-based public transport, such as buses, to reach the intended destination from an MRT station. MRT has been only partially successful in decongesting EDSA. The expansion of the system to cover the entire stretch of EDSA is expected to decongest the thoroughfare and to cut travel times.

I love riding the MRT, because it's one of those places where I get the chance to meet some old friends. Some mini reunions happen every now-and-then. Unlike in Tokyo and Singapore, MRT in Metro Manila is, on most days, not too crowded.

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