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Where Is My Heart?
Created: 5.25.2002
By: Mushtaq Noor / mno
Creator's Tags: painting
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Where is my sweetheart? The leisure of my privacies. Where is the light of my eyes? The gain of my efforts. May be He enjoys sitting in the privacies of my heart, but where really my heart is? God knows!

Portrait View:
(Size 48" x 36" Oil On Canvas Year 2002)

There could be no vessel able to bear or contain the manifestation of the boundless Absolute Soul while human heart, the palace of manifestation, is nothing but a lump of flesh. People reaching destiny (who normally prefer silence) tell; It is not this heart having such a capacity rather it is an invisible station or estate, the imaginary heart of heart (capable of encompassing this universe and hereafter as well) where the Truth manifests.

When the Absolute Soul manifests the said heart is first capacitated to contain the joy, going boundless with the boundless. This is the stage when the fortunate, encompassing the "beings" and "super-beings", utter (out of total frenzy); "Where is my heart? God knows!"

This is the point where a True Believer and an infidel idolater differ in their articles of faith. The idolater wants to see (forth) the entity he is going to worship. This leads him to bow before his self-invented and hand-made idiotic logic. The believer's belief bases on invisible, omnipresent and boundless charater of the "ONE" (Self-existent), he is going to bow before. The "boundedness" brings a sort of perversity or shortcoming (if conceived such) to the creator's character which obviously could be the creature's traits of character and none the least of "Creator".

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