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Twenty Past Two
Created: 4.15.2010
By: Maria mucharska / muc
Creator's Tags: black clock death dogs life love love love love rainbow Rottweiler time painting
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Description: Acrylic & mixed media on stretched canvas. 50 x 60cm. Twenty Past Two, that was the time which popped into the mind of my partner a year before it happened! This was not the first time my partner has sensed the final moment of somebody he loved. For who or which day of the above remained a mystery until that moment arrived. On the 26th January 2010, an appointment was made for a vet to visit and to put to sleep our beloved dog: Starlet (Gwiazdeczka). When the vet and assistant said they would arrive at 2’o clock, we already knew what time it was actually going to be. The vet was late and gave Starlet the injection at exactly twenty past two. It was heart breaking! Starlet was our beloved pet, who will always be with our hearts and minds...., we miss her so much. When I created this painting, I tried many times to fix the hands of the clock at twenty past two, but always the hands moved a few minutes late, in the end I gave up......., maybe those few minutes are more to the correct time (if our clocks were wrong) or maybe this was the last few minutes before she passed? This painting is 5th from a series which I have created and dedicated to life of one dog. Starlet was born in my house and I assisted her mum in helping to bring her into this world and from the first days of her existence, she was fighting for her life! In her lifetime she endured 6 operations, which saved her life, this dog that managed to bounce back time and time again but also managed to be a happy, friendly and an intelligent friend. The first painting which starts her story, tells of her birth and the tragic event connecting to this: You Will Become a Star in the Sky: And next ones: Safe: Starlet: This is not Goodbye, I'll See You Later...: Twenty Past Two: ...p://

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