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By: Oh / Brock Lee / ohk
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Description: WGN IS CURRENTLY RUNNING THIS ADVERTISING/ PROGRAMING CC MATRIX!try this out!: Multi synch key audio collage for THIS to a hundredish films works as infinite synch repeater (made from THE recurrent data dubs only ...m/playlist?list=PLPZl-NlT5GXC-WQKbiyiz1Mciv78RvgwJ ) 1 minute size makes for the easiest to use dynamo 11:23 "01 Static.wma" (4:18 1:00 6:05) 4:33 "02 The Plan.wma" 3:19 "03 Icebox.wma" 1:36 "04 Kickstand.wma" 5:08 "05 Superunknown.wma" 6:11 "06 Head Down.wma" 5:20 "07 Black Hole Sun.wma" 5:06 "08 Gets Me Through.wma" 4:56 "09 Alive.wma" 5:08 "10 No Easy Way Out.wma" 4:23 "11 Black Illusion.wma" 3:40 "12 Stalemate.wma" 4:30 "13 Zen Brain.wma" 4:34 "14 Reclaim My Place.wma" 3:47 "15 Got The Life.wma" 4:19 "16 Justin (Time).wma" 1:55 "17 ExplosivO.wma" ____________seen this one minute eat the entire last half of Star Wars, among other things: some places you can imagine this or test yourselves: ET drunk ET Frog/kissing scene, Rumble In The Bronx wooden man, blues brothers final police chase, Waynes World Opening Mirthmobile Drive,RoadHouse etc. Most of the single THIS minute positions were overcoded to allow the dynamo to repeat, so like yeah you could loop thru the entire blues bros final..i mean you see Golden eye uh.REsident Evil dogs and like..The Ark of the Covenant is easy to spot. even if 'pour some sugar on me in the name of love" is hard to here (get the joke? yur def then) Gremlins.. This key appears twice in some of these films (80 minutes apart) because the list repeats...ooh theres something I could do. look at all these. I know the "BlownAway" computer scene is in here and um mad Max Chain Saw (again a lot of them repeat the dynamo out of the original THIS position just to anchor ANY THE DATA that was available..'Just CRAZY I mean..Oh Yeah Snow White..Rember all of these dubs give the synch anchor position of the THIS map either by direct supermposition (if not the occasion a simple move function of the dynamo from a superimposition) Any way we solved all THIS without the static block so use THIS with the block would be like training wheels. anyway cant think of the first 50 films without checking a list but ok ill check Oh yeah Grifters, Eraser.. see the file isn't even complete.. anyway yeah .OhTitan Ae. hah. I dunno about a hundred films were revisited to build this one single minute. of course this one minute now fills a gap in all those synchs as well as functioning as a repeater so....I don't know huw much better to fkn explain the this I mean. i'll take a picture of remix board on the computer and you can see the 90 or 130 little sounds all pasted into 1 minute. Oh yeah meaning of life ([quiet!] you can do some pretty arbitray anchoring with the dubs to run the THIS list but I think the vetted positions are singular defined by the static block anchors so...oh yeah 5TH ELEMENT scene is realy cool with the X-what ever weapon test Gangsta Gansta= [The Ice Cube System]!!,etc..Ok the problem with THIS is I have Over a hundred full length closed cption film synchs to this one list, of which the block is built with using THE dubs. but..i don't know when i'll ever be able to watch them all again or who ever will...suddenly all my movies are antiqaited...old world last millinium so most of the relevance of synching was paved over by the last decade: technoledgy milliniul madness conspiracy and fantasy, all those things have mutated and the newer generation could probly give a fk less about the intellectual hights of our yesteryears when the proclaimed dawn of all this was far more impressive as an artform then the boring stale officespace reality of our future-present -Oh ps here is just some of the films the great THIS conquered in our day, all of which were cross referenced for this project: raiders oc t2 moflife paycheck tMNT Spiderman hhawk hollowman empire 1,2 qc1,2 truman fclub lnicky stargate lilchina demolitionman topgun amninja 2 jparkstarshiptroopers vacation game starwars _____________________ firewalker teenmovie 5thelement bluesbrothers Boysinthehood Ffantasy Ce3rdkind hmetal hotshots homealone roadhouse jingle pointbreak jeepers halfbaked strangedays moneypit wierdscience billntedsbogusjourney etc etc etc etc name a film excellent Goonies here..jingle all theway..anyway if you dont understand how reusable recurrent timing data works see THE at the link above _______________________________________________________________________________________________IF YOU HAVE ET!! start the repeater at the closed caption [The Scalpel Is Sharp]-on, Elliot blink2 and repeat Past Flying Bicycle thru ET's Machine to the space suits!!!!!! Flowerpot! thru the rest of the film!!! hahahaha! seriously! (polaroid = pigslaser,...etc), (adjust volume periodically during longterm exposure to minimize dizziness)should end/loop as film blacks to credits!!!(you can also make adjustment moves if you want using move-dubs) chrome://history

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