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Astro's Dragon
By: Oh's Own / ohz
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Description: That is the actual shape of the file you uploaded J and I was so tired to try and trim at l am to like look at the whole picture or wait for yours and wee passed out and like done-ish already with this ...gridcosm?level=4044 which I will chang and maybe upload and link to call it a cave side grid bay fkit./but also (this is a done side Segway description post edit fkit lol...(% Then today I was like yur so selfish for picking yurs over hers but when I looked at it today I was like wtf How was the hideousness of the gaping maw not the reason? haha wtf. (like to the fint zeplin lyrics ha ha but also comic realief lol I mean can we do both at the same time!? er haha one of us should c3 the dragon ow switch the window ther lololol) I'll link this tho wnen slg gets to the cave the same time as me and we can keep the upload order or maybe we can switch er what ever or like link it to mrm b3 or switch (post edit like 8 times). maybe I should change the knife part on 4044 too ikn probly but I was so tired and I want o keep the upload order and then if yurs link our whole experience of yesterdays thing can be preserved for all 3 or 4 or who was ever there but i'll be there later probly like usual. I typt this all out a order and like pasted stuff so w e --ha ha artwork description final reread "3 or 4" yesterday mute abba dis lol like he wasn't there oops ok I been on this desctiption for like 40 minets im gonna link this on the cave later which will be like 30 seconds agao when you are reading this) tho later like a "sorry to not go with your piece" card cause I love yo I got high and freaked out for a second again tho like derp yer were a dick self nowwhy am I still typing and also the and is the last desritpion edit that's like chat lol reread this like 3 times I dunno if I should tried king of the day first but i'll see who wants to be king today

Size: 141 KB / File uploaded: 5.19.2015 16:28
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