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Nou Ra I Karanga Tenei Huihuinga / It Was You Who Called This Gathering
Created: 2.10.2006
By: pekapeka / rpk
Creator's Tags: painting painting painting painting painting ruapick Waitaha nz rock drawing
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Description: PURAPURA WHETUU STAR DUST Artist Comment: Rua Pick This exhibition is a homage to the Ancient People of Waitaha. These 25 artworks are a tribute to the old Waitaha nga hoanga tuhituhi / Rock drawings, paintings that adorn the limestone caves and shelters throughout the South Island of New Zealand. The Tawhito Koropiko / Ancient Homage Series and the Onamata Ueenuku Nga Moemoea / Ancient Rainbow Dreaming Series, were created during 1995 – 1996, as a homage to the Old Ones’ forms, through the combination of texture and colour. This was followed by the Tapu Wairua / Sacred Spirit, the White Series in 1996. Ten years later in my current Purapura Whetu / Star Dust exhibition, I have utilized wooden fomats inspired from the contours of the rock drawing forms. Looking through these ancient windows, images, scenes and symbols came through to my minds eye, which I drew then painted within the shapes, a painted journey that I have traveled for the past year. Over the past fourteen years I have visited many of the old stone places admiring the beautiful minds of the Nga Kai Tuhituhi / Scribes work. Timeless creations were written on stone so long ago, they still speak to us across time and space, singing of the past, present and future like the bright stars above. This journey into the world of the Nga Kai Tuhituhi has guided me towards a deeper understanding of sky, land and sea. These artworks are a tribute to the Tuuaapapa / Foundation of this sacred land, honouring the tree and its many branches that have grown from those foundations, acknowledging the past to empower the future. Oil & 3d Paint,Wood,Feathers,Fibre.128x361cm. This Taonga/Treasure is part of the 2006 Purapura Whetuu / Star Dust

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