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World Stars Of Peace Flag
Created: 6.22.2006
By: pekapeka / rpk
Creator's Tags: kupenga o te ao collab world stars of peace flag spirit puanga peace orion life kara haki
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Description: New World Stars of Peace Flag The World Stars of Peace Flag honours the famous constellation of Orion, the worlds most widely known constellation which shines brightly in the winter skies of the Northern Hemisphere and in the summer skies of the Southern Hemisphere. When Orion rises on the horizon each year many cultures of the world, past and present, heralded this as a time of new beginnings, peace, hope and renewal. Orion reflects peace on the inside during the winter and outer peace during the summer. The names and forms of most modern star constellations are Greek, Mesopotamian and Egyptian in origin. Other Cultures have different names and forms for this constellation. In very early times their shape formed such images as the ‘Three Goddesses’, ‘Three Grandmothers’, ‘Three Sages of peace and enlightenment’, ‘Three Hearth stones’, a Sacred Moth or Butterfly and many more. They have names such as Disir (Divine Grandmothers), Ura anna (Light of Heaven), Kookyangwso Wuuti Hotoomgam (Spider Woman’s stringed beads), Trys Sesutes (Three Sisters), Chen (The Three), Sode Boshi (Kimono Sleeve Stars), Buaile an Bhodaigh (The Enclosure of the Enlightened),Te Kupenga o Te Ao( The Net of the Universe)…. Others saw the constellation as a giant striding across the sky, such as Orion the Hunter, Nimrod the Giant, Sahu the Soul of Osiris, Nirunja in an eternal chase, Caomi the Armed King, Tautoru’s bird snare,…. Our ancient ancestors around the world paid homage to these stars by creating their heavenly positions in stone, earth and drawings, for example the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Mexico and China. The ancient sites of New Grange, Stone Henge, Karnak, Cahokia, the Great Nazca Spider drawing and numerous others, form alignments in some way to these celestial bodies. The stars in this constellation are commonly known astronomically as Beta Orionis (Rigel), Kappa Orionis (Saiph), Zeta Orionis (Alnitak), Epsilon Orionis (Alnilam), Delta Orionis (Mintaka), Alpha Orionis (Betelgeuse), Gamma Orionis (Bellatrix). These stars are represented on this flag. The white symbolises Spirit and the background golden yellow symbolises life. With the spirit of peace in life may the winds blow this message around our Sacred Grandmother Earth.

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