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Koha ō Tē Waipounamu ~ The gift of the green stream
Created: 1.30.2018
By: pekapeka / rpk
Creator's Tags: pounamu rua pick tawhai raunui Waitaha whispers of waitaha maire raunui red beech ranginui burr taiponui o te uruwahia puehutea ruaumoko papatuanuku
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Description: Koha ō Tē Waipounamu ~ The gift of the green stream Papatūānuku (Grandmother Earth) asked her youngest child Rūaumoko (Keeper of the Fire Mountains and Earthquakes) for a gift for her husband Ranginui (Grandfather Sky). After much searching within his mother’s fiery insides, he came across a mountain of Puehutea (white powder). When he walked through the powder, the heat of this volcano keepers body, turned the powder into a green liquid stream, he named it Taiponui ō Tē Uruwahia. He was pleased and went to get his mother to show her this wonder. On returning the green stream had turned into a solid green mass of stone that reflected all the colours of the rainbow. He was dismayed yet Papatūānuku still loved this pounamu te koha for Ranginui (Gift for Grandfather Sky). [Sourced from ‘Whispers of Waitaha’ pg. 85]. Koha o Te Waipounamu ~ The gift of the green stream Media- woods- tawhai raunui, maire raunui, monterey pine pounamu, enamel paint, wood stain 87 cm x 30 cm

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