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"Cycle Portland!" poster for North Portland Bike Works
Created: 11.2002
By: Shawn Granton / sgr
Creator's Tags: bicycle Portland illustration
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Cycle Portland!

Description: North Portland Bike Works is a non-profit bicycle repair shop located on N Mississippi Ave here in Portland. Bike Works offers low cost repairs for the community and also hosts bicycle repair workshops, community bike nights, and a weekly womens/trans bike repair night. I get pretty much all my bicycle repairs and accesories from Bike Works, but I'm afraid I'm partial to them--I'm on their board of directors! (Go figure.) I've done several posters and other pieces of art for them over the years, this is one of them. The bridge in the background is St. Johns Bridge, Portland's only suspension bridge, located between the St Johns and Linnton neighborhoods of outer Portland. I'll admit, I've taken quite the artistic liberty here in this drawing. Mt. Hood is never that big, the road leading to the bridge doesn't look like that, and it's never empty! Oh well. I drew this as a one-color poster, but without me knowing, some unknown designer turned it into a three color poster! If I had known this poster was going to be in color, I would have done things differently, but I think it turned out well.

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