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Earth Day 2006 Poster for City Repair, Portland
Created: 04.2006
By: Shawn Granton / sgr
Creator's Tags: trying to act like I'm Roger Dean meets Hayao Masaki meets Vaugh not punk fucking rock giving the people what they want Earth Day Portland illustration
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Description: Welp, here's one I did for City Repair, a cool non-profit group here in Portland that specializes in intersection repair, cob building demonstrations, and the like. City Repair organizes Portland's annual Earth Day Festivities, this year to be held on Saturday April 22nd at Sellwood Park. As for the poster itself, in the response that maybe some of my art is too..shall I say..."punk rock", I have given the public a softer side of things. Think Yes' Relayer mixed with Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, okay? As for the scene itself, if you want the magic spoiled, here is how I have described it: The background is Oaks Bottom with Portland and a smoking Mt. St. Helens beyond. On the left is a take on the Memorial Lifehouse at 37/Taylor as a "Sellwood Neighborhood Eco-Power Station/House", with wind, solar, and hydroelectric (generated from the creek). The woman is looking up over the bluff at the Blue Heron (Portland's city bird) flying overhead. For the techical side: as always, everything is drawn by hand, this time in several separate pieces. Then it gets all scanitized then digitized by The Scanner, and then layerized and colorized and CMYKized by The Photoshop. Have I gone off the deep end this time? I sure hope so.

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