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PedalPalooza 2006 Poster/Calendar Cover
Created: 05.2006
By: Shawn Granton / sgr
Creator's Tags: pedalpalooza bicycle Portland illustration
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Description: Ah, might as well copy some copy from last year's post: PedalPalooza is 2-plus weeks of bike fun here in Portland, Oregon! Born out of Bikesummer 2002, PedalPalooza happens every year in June. This year it will be June 8-24. Almost 90 bicycle related events will happen in that period of time! Everything from your typical lycra stuff (time trials, road races), to your typical Gracies-styled rides (food rides aplenty, breakfast on the bridges, midnight mystery ride, atomic war preparedness ride), and of course, bike craziness (Zoobomb, Critical Mass, Multnomah County Fair). Too much to talk about here! Go to this site for more: S H I F T to bikes! for the art: drawn with hand and pen, then digitized via Thee Magik Scanner and thrown into Photoshop to make two color layer separations. Ably printed in poster format by Stumptown Printing. For those not familiar with Portland: the sign is a take on the famous "Made in Oregon" sign (once the "White Stag" sign) at the west foot of the Burnside Bridge (what the bicyclists are standing on). In the background is W Burnside St, the US Bank Tower (aka "Big Pink") and the Portland sky and hill line.

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