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"You Look So Pale"

By: Sylvia / skm
Creator's Tags: drawing
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You Look So Pale

Description: You look so pale -you look so ill You've lost the looks that made the audience thrill When you held me captive on the silver screen You looked so pale and so serene And the fans clung to the dream That you were blessed in love and gifted You look so pale and this was lifted Highlighted and packaged styled and flickered Above the heads of us down there In the dark and unaware Of all the trauma in your heart Your young life ended Sordid and squalid in the dark Just like the audience unaware your heart Was broken and torn apart Not by love and not by charm but by the needle in your arm You look so pale you look so ill You didn't have the strength of will To say goodbye and start again Get back your beauty and self esteem But when you died the spell was broken Your fans realised that you were human And so called friends did weep and wail and cry out you'd looked so pale But in the end and in the dark She lost the fight and it broke her heart Not to beat an opponent that starts out fun but ends up being the bigger one It told her fans learn from me Your just the same So in her memory I'll try again I'll rent her films and stay indoors A maybe her death won't be in vain If I can leave this place clean

Size: 22 KB / File uploaded: 1.8.2005 16:02
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