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Bender #1
Created: 2002
By: Stephen Shires / sms
Creator's Tags: installation
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Description: A motor, governor wheel and driving rods, in combination, drive a freely rotating magnet supported by the repulsive field between it and another one on the governor wheel. When the torch beam from the 'Maglite' is focussed onto the white card by the 'crystal' pendant it is not obstructed by the supported magnet. No shadow appears across the spotlight until the motor is fully activated. Then a half-shadow flits rapidly upward in time with the rising magnet. Therefore, the magnet evidently bends the light downwards, away from itself. The retinal response time of your eyes must be relatively short for you to detect it clearly. No shadow is seen to coincide with the magnet's fall. The compass situated immediately above the light indicates the presence of a field pointing in the spin direction. The latter observation can be accounted for by the Barnett effect. 'In the Barnett effect a long iron cylinder, when rotated at high speed about its longitudinal axis, is found to develop a measurable component of magnetization, the value of which is proportional to the angular speed. The effect is attributed to the influence of the impressed rotation upon the spinning electrons orbiting the atomic nuclei in the iron, due to the masses of the unpaired electrons.' -- Henry Wallace (simplified)

Size: 33 KB / File uploaded: 11.29.2002
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