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By: THE / teh

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Description: Ever feel like the news has sold out to Big Kharma? [taps paper stack against desk Dennis Miller style] What if you could kill throwing a playing card and then get one of those tarotist I mean terrorist decks and kill a terrorist with their own card! Do it in a pond and rip their throat out OMG MRM take that scene and just add a Family Guy so hes just hinting at Road House lets see yeah guess 23:13 is fine. With an image of Peter as if to say Road House. Or maybe I should change a bulb. Wish I was more vaporwave more aesthetic. Will eventually upload the My Slowrona Dead Mall with rainbow slinky escalators video and the Paranoimia vid and the Max Headroom intro w the Captain Midnight HBO hack and the SR71 Black Bird stuff. And the Nobody Here rainbow escalators ending. Annoying Orange is on it. It s a hidden dual Stairway to Heaven cipher but My Slowrona audio is just as powerful and compelling as the hidden synchs when it plays into the Nobody Here escalator anyway wonder where to upload what of the vaporwave movie is done. Seems like a good way to get myself to revisit its chart and finish. It s almost half done perhaps I am more aesthetically in touch this year and will fill in the blank with enough for the film to carry itself. I could just finish the vapowave movie at a relaxed condusive pace to meta the nature of my attitude during the process into the final product. Imagine many directors and producers use a reverse vicarious dial up download style. To get more weight into a finished work without the effort behind it becoming inelegant.

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