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Started on Dec 27, 2021.
Completed on Dec 28, 2021.

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OMG here's one with spiders lol Happy Morning Friends! Enjoy the Gridcosm DALMATION FRIENDS your wife has become... cucumbersooooome I started a band called 8 joseph four thats one better than you so.. well JPB Wave crushed all the way to OHKOSM cant wait to watch the repeat you have to admit that was epic and nailing sheep in the wool dress i got from jit i think its hugo boss they made ss uniforms! so. omfg no come on im cant be God this is too much. so nailed that one. lol. nailed your lol. at least the ol part. How else was i rad all day um. well oh invented the repeat response square its awesome. What else was epic the ELO loop for sure ownage! did you see everyone make fun of me in the video as if kylo renn wasnt enough i guess im the guy in the jef lyn costume jumping on the chair noone was looking at not really just meta. but i know what they are doing because i busted Dax Rap God Judgement Day that day Phil Spector died (NBTHE2 feel like i did more awesomeness tho. MRM! did you seehow i did minimal effort tho and didnt over invest myself other than doing cosm for 24 hours. This one time on bandlab... there was other new stuff about something. oh i stole Mary Tyler Moore's cat no you dont your not into Stargate what else is new Im worried my new house plant Phil is Phil Spector. why else would his name be Phil? hes a philodendron why so i look up the word 'Odendron' on the internet and turns out Wikipedia said "Oh your houseplant is Phil Spector! reincarnated. water him!" I DO NOTHING BUT WATCH THE SHOW LEVERAGE ALL DAY THAT IS WHY I AM THE MASTER MANIPUALTOR. Hitter Hacker Grifter Theif MASTERMIND! LEVERAGE! woot WATCH IT WITH ME IT"S ON DAILYMOTION FRIEND ____________________________________________________I AM A GOLDEN GRIDCOSM GOD +++ ______________________________ ________________i am oh aka Oh Happy Kansan aka VAP, there'll be spiders haunting you tonight in your bed which has recently been converted into a hornet's nest because there was no other person than me to maintain our The Backrooms. (It's the HyGrid, ya doof!) The HyGrid may NOT be real but so isn't Gridcosm. If you call the HyGrid fake, you're also calling the Gridcosm fake. Don't complete the level until you turn your GIF into a JPG/PNG. he h's wu HIGRID ISNT REAL theres this thing called assgrid if you click the ass a picture falls out of a ass if you can unlace the ass laces and the glue its called higrid you use the mist full walkthrough as a primer to keep your job as a next generation set designer even tho klingon is real pretend your funky vulcan game is for the sake of the nude emperor script i think its called higrass dont ever call Oh doof or i will harm you with violence of any kind i prefer I love spiders! theyre so cute and wriggly! I have hornets that guard my window it's neat it made my friends scream lol. you can play the songs to the thing for poetry dreams OHK Sam and Mermy I hope you have fluffy kitties and happy teddies and soft jammies and my pillow! Happy Monday Holiday Season 2021 take care besties! xxdhugs @ the foot of Kylo Renn's force throne right meow NOW WITH EVIL STAT FURBY! DNA! admit to theme songs Getting around

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