HyGrid Display
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HyGrid Display, curiously enough, displays HyGrid to you! However, this is not necessarily the simple task it appears to (or should) be.

The complex space which is HyGrid can be browsed in many different ways. We have "conveniently" translated these methods into cryptic icons for you to choose from.

Check out this this complicated diagram of the myriad navigational choices.

The easiest way to get familiar with HyGrid is just to click around. When you click on an image, it becomes the center of the current pattern. HyGrid will fill out as much of the pattern as it can with a chain of interlocking images from its database.

One of the most important (and elusive) set of buttons turns on or off the "collab mode" of HyGrid. This is what will allow you to transform from a mere viewer to a contributor. Collaboration mode is automatically on when you first open the HyGrid display. You can turn it off and on at your leisure, but it's generally easier to keep track of what's what when you have collab mode on. You should add a piece or two, yourself. Make sure you have your SITO IDhelp: IDs, SUE, and you first!

You can control the shape of the HyGrid chunk you are viewing. The default shape is something like a Star Wars Tie Fighter. Additional shapes can be chosen from the pattern buttons centered under the viewing area. Brave users might dare to select the randomly-shaped pattern!

Some buttons allow you to choose a random centerpiece. Other buttons allow you to do things such as change the size of the images, list pieces, and go to the HyGrid discussion. We recommend you simply click around and see what happens!