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News Briefs are summaries of "headlines" from the SITO News tracker, which tallies activity taking place on SITO. These summaries are emailed to users with SITO IDs.

Much like News Flash!help: News Flash! displays headlines on the web, based on which sections of SITO they are from, News Briefs can be chosen by section. A user can go to their Settings pagehelp: User Settings and choose any combination of sections (including NONE and ALL) for which they want News Brief reports.

Additionally, the user can choose when and how these emails are received. Reports can be sent daily or weekly, and in full format (all of the headlines and links) or short format (a single summary line per section).

A sample News Brief (daily, short-format) is below.
###  This just in!!  Your SITO News Brief!
###  News activity in the last 24 hours, for the sections you requested.

         HyGrid:  2  -
       Artchive: 39  -
    Discussions:  3  -

And here is a daily, full-format sample:
###  This just in!!  Your SITO News Brief!
###  News headlines from the last 24 hours, for the sections you requested.

** HyGrid **

03:34- Piece 'Sup with your bones?' added by Mike Casey
03:20- Piece 'Yogi Manamana squelch' added by Mike Casey

** Artchive **

11:03- New work 'for Ed, a fellow Dragon' added by Otter
10:29- New work 'the Wishing tree' added by Otter
09:40- New work 'The design flying from a vase.' added by Stephen Shires
09:34- New work 'Brickyard near Conyer.' added by Stephen Shires

** Discussions **

02:10- Message 'Linking to HyGrid' posted by Ed Stastny on sito.synergy.hygrid
14:02- Message 'What do the shadows mean?' posted by Ed Stastny on sito.synergy
18:44- Message 'Re: Cube and Grid' posted by Allison on sito