Posting a discussion message

To post a message on a SITO discussion topic, you use the entry form on the left of the discussion web page. Certain SITO discussion topics do not allow posting, so if this form is not available, you are not permitted to post on the topic.

Before you post, it is very important to loginhelp: Logging In if you have a SITO ID. This allows SITO to automatically know who you are and who to attribute the message to. If you do not have a SITO ID, you can simply enter a name or email address as sender (or leave it blank to anonymously post).

If you are currently viewing a message, you will be given an option to reply to the current message, or post a new message. If there is no viewed message, you will only be able to post a new one.

Also, you can chose to post a message in a different topic than the one you are viewing. You can select a topic by using the pull-down menu on the right.

Type in your message and a subject and click on the "post message" button to submit your message! If all goes well, the message will be posted on the topic and will be displayed for you.