Logging In
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Logging in is an important part of using special features of SITO. Specifically, once you have a SITO IDhelp: Acquiring a new SITO ID, you "log in" so that SITO may recognize you. This is how SITO allows you to change your settingshelp: User Settings or participate in collaborative Synergy projectshelp: Synergy Projects, among other things.

To login, look for the small "LOGIN" text at the top of most SITO pages.

Click on this text button, and you will be presented with a page asking you for your SITO ID and password. Do not forget that the password is case-sensitve, so be careful with that shift key! If you do not have an ID, you can find out about obtaining one here.

Once logged in, you should be taken back to the page you came from (when you clicked the log icon). You will notice the small bar at the top of the page (the "SUE bar"help: SUE Bar) has changed and now shows your own icon.

When you are done visiting SITO, you can click on the similar "LOGOUT" text to end your session.