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The SITOme is the personal "home page" for each SITO user. It is the central location to which anyone browsing through SITO will be sent to when they request more information on any artist.

In general, a SITOme can be accessed by clicking on the small icon which exists for each articipant. This icon appears near their works or on pages pertaining to their works. These icons vary in appearance, as the articipants can change them as they desire, but generally are small, wide rectangles, with a default image of the three-letter code for the articipants SITO IDhelp: IDs, SUE, and you. Sometimes, simply clicking an artist's name gets you to their SITOme. If you are logged inhelp: Logging In, your own icon will appear at the top of most SITO pages. Clicking it will get you to your own SITOme.

Many of the elements are customizable by the user help: User Settings and other parts of the SITOme are generated automagically as the articipant takes part in activities on SITO.

The top bar shows the user's personal mini-icon, name, and some icons about the user. These icons and their meaning are shown below:

[discuss...] Discuss the user on their own personal discussionhelp: Discussions topic.
[url...] Link to the user's home page on the web, if they have provided SITO with a URL for one.
[email...] Send an email to the user, if they have provided an email address to SITO.

Next follows a small "bio" section which is created by the user. This custom-made area tells about the user in their own words and style. Some users may not have entered any bio information for themselves.

The next section provides some general information about the user, like where they are located and their choice for copyright. Please respect the user's copyright wishes!

Finally come several sections which list the person's participation in all of the projects of SITO. If a person has not participated in a project, there will be no listing for it. Clicking on links in this section will show you the works of that person for the corresponding project.