SITOLinks is a collection of links to outside (non-SITO) websites.

These links are compiled in a variety of ways, but the two main ways are manual input (for example, to recommend a related site) and automatic collection from other parts of SITO.

In the case of automatic collection, when someone posts a discussion messagehelp: with a link to a website in it, this link becomes part of the SITOLinks database.

This large set of links can be searched (by type and contributing user) and sorted. Details about the link is also displayed, such as which discussion post was its source and the date it was created.

Further, SITO keeps a "backup" of pages links point to for archival purposes. In the event that the original website is gone, these backups might prove useful. (Note: often the backups are incomplete, as this is an automated process that is far from perfect!)

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