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Has anyone here visited or participated in An Exquisite Corpse is a surrealist game that has lots of different versions. The idea with this one is that one person creates the top 1/4th of an image. Then he passes the bottom 14 pixels onto the next artist who creates the next panel down, and so on....
[See also Disc.Art. #3422]
Josh Tackitt (JGT)
is a great site *full* of all sorts of techno-art projects, links, and mayhem. its twisty and peppered with gems. or at least seems to be in the first few chunks of time i devoted to it.
[See also Disc.Art. #7593]
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
Born Magazine: Art and Literature Collaboration
Art site with great projects merging word with interaction (usually Flash) and visuals. Well done, high-end production.
SITE: "Art and Literature Collaboration"
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
the church of cOiNTEL
fans of collaborative comic-jams should check out this online project - its got tools for adding your panel right there in your browser, and with luck you will get voted in. cant believe this has been around since 2000 and i havent heard of it yet!
[See also Disc.Art. #10199]
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
The Collective Type Project
Imagine asking 255 people to write the same letter of the alphabet in the same place. Then, combine all those letters together to find the average...
SITE: "The Collective Type Project is an interactive art project that shows the effect of many people writing in the same place."

[See also Disc.Art. #11083]
Incredible patchwork landscape of collaborative collage that you can add to!
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
Completed Quilts -
A digital quilt party in which artists stack together square images. Imagine a static HyGrid, all on one page. Then lots of them.
SITE: "A starting point for web-based collaborative artwork. iCE hosts many collaborative art projects. Multiple collaborative projects happen..."
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
d'ART - The Internet Art Database
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
The Detritus Sound Consensus Bakery
Collaborative sound creation and listening.
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
E-Art Asean Online
An interactive resource for electronic art in Southeast Asia. Excellent site! Database, journal, forum, links... the works.
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
enlloc ::. TAG
enlloc ( is a spanish art website with some collaborative/cooperative projects that might be of some interest for sitoans. hMosaicoop is a...
SITE: "enlloc, un projecte artístic a internet enlloc (no-lugar), un proyecto artístico en internet enlloc (nowhere), an artistic project on the net..."

[See also Disc.Art. #7672]
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
hey writers, heres a new wiki-style, collaborative fiction site. its made by a friend of a friend, too.
[See also Disc.Art. #13874]
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
Gallery Artist .com
Art, searchable categories and links.
SITE: "a gallery for artists on the net."
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
Global Arts Village
Global Arts Village is an emerging international residential art center in New Delhi, India. We encourage diversity and multicultural exchange among creative people of all kinds. We practice community living, sharing meals and evening activities. The Village enables artists to experience a natural,...
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
Global Comic Jam
comic artists should check out this site devoted to the "classic" comic jam. pick up where others left off. the site is run by one guy and has several flavors of jam to pick from.
[See also Disc.Art. #11086]
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
Freeform community (space) in Portland, Oregon, US.
[See also Disc.Art. #3839]
Ed Stastny (OED)
graffiti archaeology
is an awesome project that a friend, cassidy, has been toying with, on-and-off, for quite some time now. if you are a fan of graffiti, its definitely worth checking out. it requires flash 6, and has a great interface to browse graffiti progress *over time* by "peeling back" layers of art (and...
[See also Disc.Art. #7673]
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
>> Art Entertainment Network >> hello!

SITE: " Art Entertainment Network, an online net art exhibition and artist project portal presented by Walker Art Center in conjunction with the Let's..."
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
EHO -- it was
[See also Disc.Art. #10992]
Thursday (THU)
iCAN :: internet community arts network
An extensive, multi-layered index of art-groups and artists, organized geographically and by topic.
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
IconTown | Welcome Home
Fun pixelated isomorphic town where you can plunk down some pixels of your own.
SITE: "IconTown (TM) is a small international project of icondesigners in building a virtual town. IconTown is copyrighted (1996-2001) by Bernd Holzhausen..."
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
indy Magazine :: comics :: exercises in style
Exercises in Style was inspired by a work of the same name by the French writer Raymond Queneau. In that book, Queneau spun as many variations as he could--over 100--out of a mundane, two-part text about two chance encounters with a mildly irritating character during the course of a day. He started...
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
Just Letters
this flash application is completely insane/awesome/addictive! its a white surface with letters (of the "refrigerator magnet" sort, which are familiar in the u.s. at least) ... but being dragged around *simultaneously* by many users who are online when you are! (i wrestled with 33 others when i...
[See also Disc.Art. #11079]
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
lifaros experimental flash gallery
Incredible portfolio of Flash Actionscript graphic examples. This is the kinda stuff we could really incorporate into SITO!
SITE: "...a really creative actionscript gallery, with a lot of math and fun involved"
Jon Van Oast (UWI) / Linux for Artists
you know how much we love *open source* software (and ideology) here at sito (you're soaking in it!)... well, for those of us tooling away on gimp or booting non-microslop, here is a cool site focusing on free software, as well as free *art*. this site also has a link to which is a forum for...
[See also Disc.Art. #7604]
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
you know how much we love *open source* software (and ideology) here at sito (you're soaking in it!)... well, for those of us tooling away on gimp or...
SITE: "A Resource for Artists using Linux"

[See also Disc.Art. #7604]
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
Add to the gallery of constructed virtual landscapes using this custom application to pile up and manipulate beautiful monochromatic stencil-art.
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
Media Art Net | Homepage
Excellent repository of media-art projects, research, articles, and other information. An amazing resource.
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
Monsterland - home of the odd
An excellent interactive art site where users can create (and browse) exquisite-corpse-style monsters! Collaborate on a monster or make your own.
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
~~ MrWong's Soup'Partments ~~ Get Your Apartment Today!
Or collaborative architecture, as it may be:
SITE: "Mr.Wong's Soup'Partments offering virtual Apartments to Pixel-Artists!"

[See also Disc.Art. #6625]
Scott Steffens (SJS)
The Museum of Temporary Art presents The Rebsch-Collection
I think some of y'all might be interested in this project: I
SITE: "The Museum of Temporary Art - Replace the exhibits and keep the exhibition alive. Feel free to participate."

[See also Disc.Art. #8682]
Root Mugwort (RUT)
n o t n o t
Fascinating... um, 3D-objects that don't really (or might not) exist.
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
Net.Art Connexion
Big, browsey, experimental database of art on the net.
SITE: "Net Art database."
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
Open Source Art Collaboration Project
This site's objective is "to develop and encourage collaborative networked arts practice." Sounds great to me!
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
The Pauper - Internet for Artists: Artist Directory and Artist Resources
A nice multi-purpose portal and all-around resource for artists.
SITE: "The Pauper is an artist directory web portal providing artist resources, financial planning tools, art job listings and money saving tips for..."
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
pdf design mag -
A PDF mag collaboratively constructed with artwork from many amazing designers. Each issue based around a specific theme.
SITE: " .pdf design mag from the heart of hamburg/germany"
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
PIXELWAR ( regras no about )
pixelwar = PANIC! In short the story is: someone posts a seed image. different artists manipulate it and post the results.
Lenara Verle (LEN)
Real-time collective graphic interaction on the Internet Mbone. Art & science research on real-time collective phenomena.
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
A great non-profit site, run by artists, which choses 30 artists for each bi-monthly show on its site in order to help them gain exposure.
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
Public Art, Net Art
Many different algorithmic, interactive, and automatic art projects.
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
Res Artis: Welcome
Interested in doing your creative thing some where else? Find yourself a nice artist residency.
SITE: "ResArtis - Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies"
Jon Van Oast (UWI) - say it with software art!
A wonderful site that collects software projects that are about code meeting art. Nerdy and engrossing.
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
shared drawing - Create drawings and animations with others
Java-based real-time collaborative art.
SITE: "This site allows you to collaborate with others in real-time to create drawings and animation. Join an online community of artists to create a..."
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
a story of net art (open source)
A fairly extensive (albeit possibly unmaintained) timeline of art on the net.
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
The Strange Case of Art - Welcome!
Collaborative art projects, old and new, strange and not. Find alternate EURO designs here!
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
a very cool attempt at rule-limited collaborative art. this is a very sito-like experiment to me. you get 100 pixels of line to add to a drawing....
SITE: "SwarmSketch: Collective sketching of the collective consciousness."

[See also Disc.Art. #13294]
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
I am happy to announce the release of my synergy-browser. After years of ongoing efforts it's usable now. It's a java desktop-application, that displays cached images of hygrid and gridcosm. This way you will loose some disc-space and get fast synergy-browsing. I've done a windows- and OS-X-version...
[See also Disc.Art. #13672]
Martin Goebel (MAR)
Turbulence Home
A warehouse full of varying and elaborate electronic art. Many projects are collaborative and technically complex. Plenty to see and DO here!
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
Waxweb is a feature film for the Internet. In early 1914, a Spiritualist cinematographer from the Supernormal Picture Society of London joined the Royal Expedition to the Antarctic.
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
WebCollage: Exterminate All Rational Thought
an automatically-generated collage -- made up from images found via search engines. pretty cool in concept and even (mostly) in pixels. internetzeitgeist?
[See also Disc.Art. #15227]
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
Welcome To Art

SITE: "a collaborative art space for teachers and students"
Jon Van Oast (UWI)
Whitney ARTPORT: The Whitney Museum Portal to Net Art
Whitney Museum portal to net art.
Jon Van Oast (UWI)

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