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These are stand-alone art shows. Most are created by a single artist. These pieces remain relatively static after their initial launch. This might antiquate them a bit, but we think old tech is charming, don't we?

SITO / Exhibits
Specially crafted sets.
[Wholeo] Wholeo
An exhibit of sculpture and photography by Carol Geary. This exhibit is a digital tour of Carol's stained-glass geodesic dome. Photos, diagrams and prose.

[2Face] 2Face
An exhibit of photo manipulations by Andrew Hill. A festival of alienation. This exhibit looks behind the mask to find nothing at all.

[Dream Paintings] Dream Paintings
An exhibit of paintings by Amy Stevenson, webbed by Ed Stastny. Dream-based oils by a talented young Nebraskan/Minnesotan artist.

  [Real Television] Real Television
An exhibit of video and commentary by Victor Velt. This project "offers an introspective look at how television affects us, how it represents people and situations, and how realistically it portrays the world around us as told through a series of interviews with television viewers... like you."

[Warm Blooded Aircraft] Warm Blooded Aircraft
An exhibit of photography by Oleg Volk. "Every so often, friends gather at my place for a round of gossip and snacks. Often they bring their own friends, who in turn extend the net of my contacts further yet. It is through such networking that I had once found myself in a rather quaint company."

Discuss the exhibits in the sito.exhibits topic.
You're invited to make or move your exhibits to SITO. Contact us about what you'd like to do.

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