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Abortion or death to the mother. How one woman made the choice.
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It was a lovely evening under the Milka moon when Billy Beretta
SITE: "What does a mother do when having her baby may mean her own death. Gianna Beretta Molla, a pedriatrician was faced with this choice."

[See also Gridcosm 1286/a1]
Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters
[backup] [details]
REMEMBER, native americans SELL fireworks BECAUSE they WANT US to BLOW ourselves UP! Corporate Flag courtesy of AdBusters
[See also Disc.Art. #2393]
[backup] [details]
yo alternata? SEnD h>>>>>E>>>>>>>L>>>>>>>>>p
[See also Disc.Art. #20180]
Andy Hill: SITO:PANIC collaboration 1
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imagine my surprise when, because I decided our bathing beauties lawn needs some color and splash some yellow on it for a dindelion effect. Wanting to echo the color and theme in the corner of my panel I decide to do a search. I searched google images for the misspelled 'dandilion' and came across...
[See also Disc.Art. #4401]
Animated Animations, animation art, gallery form TooncityChuck Jones Limited Editions
[backup] [details]
wacky daffy makes a
[See also Gridcosm 1009/b3]
Artists Network of Refuse & Resist!
[backup] [details]
Speak now
[See also Gridcosm 1422/a1]
2003/04/04 Magazine Features - Cover Me
[backup] [details]
Was checking out an article on album art and came across this.
[See also Disc.Art. #2302]
2001/06/23 Magazine Reviews - Letter from Madrid
[backup] [details] just happened to happen that way. The corner was open and begging for some love, so after flipping my floppy (b3 to a3) I had a blank corner. A random sampling from my old sito uploads turned up your mug and a perfect fit. I like what Mikey done done with that nightmare theme erupting....
[See also Disc.Art. #2037]
2001/06/08 Magazine Reviews - Lost in Space
[backup] [details]
lost in space .
[See also Gridcosm 765/c3]
2001/05/19 Magazine Reviews - Versions of Heaven
[backup] [details]
In any case we should give credit where credit is due, which then leaves us all
[See also Gridcosm 1012/a3]
Baseball's Obscure Objects of Desire
[backup] [details]
Seeking diamond reliquaries, we journeyed
[See also Gridcosm 1161/a1]
Berkeley Lab: Did You Ever Wonder?
[backup] [details]

[See also Disc.Art. #6014]
bull kelp pile on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
[backup] [details]
bull kelp...
SITE: "Love the rich colors on a gray winter day!"

[See also Disc.Art. #21900]
California KiwiFruit Commission
[backup] [details]
wee common wealthy type guy guilty only association with the queen is dead GOD SAVE THE QUEEN BEE!!
[See also Gridcosm 1037/c3]
Call For
[backup] [details]
I noticed that the map theme was happening here and was going to mention my call, but I guess I don't have to thanks to you! Thanks KiYoTei!
[See also Disc.Art. #1816]
Classic TV Shows - Captain Kangaroo, Tom Terrific and Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog
[backup] [details]
something the Captian would never talk about
SITE: "Classic TV Shows - Captain Kangaroo, Tom Terrific"

[See also Gridcosm 1712/a2]
Coming Soon...
[backup] [details]
strange rituals like the OOGA BOOGA and the MONSANTO
SITE: "Domain registration services, including WHOIS search for checking domain availability, domain registrant change and domain ownership transfers, URL..."

[See also Gridcosm 732/c1]
Dacora 120 Rollfilm camera C1952
[backup] [details]
of his Dacora 120 Rollfilm camera. It was
[See also Gridcosm 1658/b1]
Don Markstein's Toonopedia: The Silver Surfer
[backup] [details]
Oh and SNYs here now so I can't even think of crawling in bed...curiosity mixed with impatients = DAngEr!
[See also Disc.Art. #4538]
Earthquake As Artist --- Photos from Gaelic Wolf Consulting
[backup] [details]
3-D map of the Seattle Quake used as source for 3c Pendulum earthquake drawing from Port Townsend, WA. Find out more at:
SITE: "Gaelic Wolf Consulting, a full service Internet presence strategy, design, and marketing firm that specializes in healthcare informatics and Internet..."

[See also Disc.Art. #1406]
2001/03/08 - Item Download
[backup] [details]
tHE DROIDS ARE @ the READY. The targets are in full view. WE WILL BEGIN BOMbING IN 3 MINUTES.
[See also Gridcosm 1234/c3]
eBay item 1123045379 (Ends Mar-20-01 19:14:59 PST) - Crashing MIR Space Station Detecto-Hat NR
[backup] [details]
Be sure and get yours before the sky falls!!
[See also Disc.Art. #1441]
ei: Photo story: Israeli bulldozer driver murders American peace activist
[backup] [details]
story .
SITE: "The Electronic Intifada: Human Rights: Photo story: Israeli bulldozer driver murders American peace activist"

[See also Gridcosm 1406/c3]
Farmer Bob's Farm 2003
[backup] [details]
Farmer Bob has some funky creatures poking 'round his Farm...
[See also Disc.Art. #6400]
Font // - Wingdings 3 - //
[backup] [details]
the only known recipe in the western hemisphere though we were a bit concerned about his distracted 70's inspired poses the energizing drink dispensing automan seemed sincere in his intentions toward she
[See also Gridcosm 1694/a3]
George (Dubya) Bush Page
[backup] [details]
woo choking on poo poo poo-retzels will soon be a euphemism for fallin off the wagon like a monkey babboon watching football on sunday afta-noon
SITE: "Mr. Bush is an enemy of the Freedom of Religion. He has stated that we should have less freedom. You will find conspiracies here. You will find..."

[See also Gridcosm 966/c2]
GRIDCOSM A variety of primer and tale
[backup] [details]
the grid has been over run by smegeheaded posers with very bad manners the no understand what this is about
[See also Gridcosm 954/a3]
home [interface ecology lab]
[backup] [details]
Reminds me of Interface Ecology which was a visual search tool that was on the web from 1996-2001 I kind of wish it was still active because it's great way to kill an hour.
[See also Disc.Art. #15534]
[backup] [details]
Damn thing costs $158 US.
[See also Disc.Art. #6415]
How Do You Sleep?
[backup] [details]
It seems that when ROZ (or was it TCA?) slipped her href link in the text box (GRIDCOSM Upload) she forgot to close it up. {> dumpsterdiving <font color= } now the text box no longer appears when it's time to upload. Very interesting.
[See also Disc.Art. #3892]
How to get to the H-Space
[backup] [details]
It's a half block from Safeco Field where the Mariners play on First Ave South. LAst big brick building second floor. Unfortunately this will be...
SITE: "Directions to the H-space (actually a map.)."

[See also Disc.Art. #11280]
[backup] [details]
Fly Cla rk Fly or, if you'd rather
[See also Gridcosm 2584/a1]
[backup] [details]
bull kelp...
[See also Disc.Art. #21900]
[backup] [details]
It's actually drawn on a metal power pole, and I just photographed it...
[See also Disc.Art. #21674]
[backup] [details]
cha bratha . An don't cha eva fergit it!
[See also Gridcosm 1248/c2]
[backup] [details]
Hey hey, That there is a funny lil link yu left in da gridpoem there JER.., Made me think of this flash movie (which he-fucking-larious) Maybe it could prove to be good foder for the grid. Perhaps we could attack the theme of the END of the WORLD. WTF? In any case, I'm sure you will find this bit...
[See also Disc.Art. #7695]
[backup] [details] just happened to happen that way. The corner was open and begging for some love, so after flipping my floppy (b3 to a3) I had a blank corner. A random sampling from my old sito uploads turned up your mug and a perfect fit. I like what Mikey done done with that nightmare theme erupting....
[See also Disc.Art. #2037]
I, Anonymous (02/19/04)
[backup] [details]
because you are too cheap to spend $3 on a bag of your own disposable razors, you have been shaving your face with the razor I use exclusively on my...
SITE: "The Stranger, Seattle's #1 alternative weekly newspaper. The Northwest's best source for news, entertainment reviews, events calendars,movie times,..."

[See also Gridcosm 1460/c1]
Image Assignment ~ Humanities Workshop ~
[backup] [details]
Image Ready. If you have Photoshop, you have Image Ready and it is designed for creating gif animations. Somewhere on this page are instructions for...
SITE: ""

[See also Disc.Art. #12336]
Index of /cja/images/
[backup] [details]
The way I've been on the board lately makes me wonder...have I fallen off the wagon again? I was managing my habit so well, Now I'm back at it in classic style filling up levels, forgetting about collaboration, taking advantage of the down times, impatient. God this is the cleanest high I think I...
[See also Disc.Art. #4537]
Iraq Body Count
[backup] [details]
[See also Gridcosm 1423/b1]
Jesus of the Week 2006
[backup] [details]
n my lameness (see previous posts) I have been surfing the internet following links and wound up at this post on the website j2k6...
SITE: "Pictures of Jesus"

[See also Disc.Art. #17018]
kerne [the conceptual space of collage]
[backup] [details]
Reminds me of Interface Ecology which was a visual search tool that was on the web from 1996-2001 I kind of wish it was still active because it's great way to kill an hour.
[See also Disc.Art. #15534]
[backup] [details]
without fail. ( Mr. Beanerweiner )
[See also Gridcosm 947/c3]
2002/01/05 | photo weblog
[backup] [details]
Mother Mary turned skyward to see a stolen crow fly by
SITE: "NOT THE GUY ON TV. Photos and other things by a journalist in Brooklyn, New York."

[See also Gridcosm 819/b1]
LIPANJEPUNTIN - Artecontemporanea
[backup] [details]
David Byrne self portraits as a Ken doll (as seen on the feelings album) altered to express my frustration with not be able to get tickets because...
SITE: "Private gallery of contemporary art in Trieste - Italy. We deal especially with young international artists who express themselves through different..."

[See also Disc.Art. #1545]
Lookat Photos
[backup] [details]
also known as
SITE: "© Caroline Minjolle. This is the story of my two sons Merlin and Basil. It started in April 1995, in the first month of my first pregnancy. Since..."

[See also Gridcosm 2200/a2]
LuaKa BoP: David Byrne
[backup] [details]
ain't nothing like some good ol' American naked greed ! Ya know, I love America, her secret's safe with me...I kissed America when she was fleecing...
SITE: "Luaka Bop - The Legendary World Music Record Label. This is the site for news & info on David Byrne. We got tourdates, sound files, links to buy CDs..."

[See also Gridcosm 824/a3]
[backup] [details]
a banana Stolen from an artist without
[See also Gridcosm 2949/c1]
Manitoba: News - 23/05/03
[backup] [details]
Rocking out to MAnitoba while I wait for TCA to finish the level...
[See also Disc.Art. #6570]
Marc Levoy's Home Page
[backup] [details]
Another odd thing is that when I was creating the panels I just knew a red apple had to be there for some reason. Actually it started as a red ball, and then I changed it to the apple. The odd thing is even though i had acknowledged it earlier in the day, I didn't make any associations to the...
[See also Disc.Art. #5551]
Meret Oppenheim
[backup] [details]
Ist Meret Oppenheim unbekannt? Nice mug=geiles Gesicht and/or Nice mug=beautiful cup oder schönes Kaffeebecher
[See also Disc.Art. #2418]
MikecosmII 006
[backup] [details]
So when did you jam this out? I like most of the stuff in this 6 level jam... reminds me of GIZ the graffitti mescaline vibe. Some great philosophizing too. Is this all from one session, or multiples?
[See also Disc.Art. #11803]
The Nando Times: Oscar-winning animator Chuck Jones dead at 89
[backup] [details]
Sad news brought to me once more by a fellow sitoid via the grid. Strange how the grid serves as a news service. OED's panel says it all, one of the most influencial cartoonists of all time has passed...
[See also Disc.Art. #3817]
Nata Lukas aka Nathan Taylor
[backup] [details]
Okay, so does anybody read these bloody post on this board? If you are in Seattle this coming weekend and want to meet someother SITOids you should...
SITE: ""

[See also Disc.Art. #11272]
[backup] [details]
I'm not sure why the number 322 is under the skull and bones. The significance is a puzzle, but it inspired me to check out level 322 of the Gridcosm... ...which is where I lifted the plug and outlet. After analyzing 322 the only connection I could make was that turquiose color that's so...
[See also Disc.Art. #1535]
[backup] [details]
Just a couple of weeks ago the brokeness of the Grid would have been tragic, somehow this infactation has passed, perhaps I've burnt out the love that was there (I'm certain it's only vacationing while I busy myself with other things.) I checked in this morning to perhaps throw a square up before I...
[See also Disc.Art. #1432]
p h o t o g r a p h i c a . o r g
[backup] [details]
Indeed! Looking for inspriation I perused and found this cute picture, which in turn inspired the spawn of satan. Aren't kids cute?
[See also Disc.Art. #1569]
Pages WWW du Departement de Genie Informatique - AccessWatch Summary
[backup] [details]
Yo no mac tiger! Going undercover
[See also Gridcosm 1210/a1]
Photographica || 404 Error
[backup] [details]
Mother Mary turned skyward to see a stolen crow fly by
[See also Gridcosm 819/b1]
planet of the abes
[backup] [details]
Abe as cult figure. Mailart project.
[See also Disc.Art. #1176]
[backup] [details]

[See also Disc.Art. #5509]
Pushing the
[backup] [details]
Mail Art from DAZ top secret!
[See also Disc.Art. #6486]
the RANT:: What Would Jesus Drive
[backup] [details]
and it will become clear to you that Jesus would have had a huge SUV to carry around all his followers! Keep your paws off my SUV. Yours in Christ,...
SITE: "A journal of independent political thought. Essays on politics, culture, Social Issues, technology and the arts"

[See also Gridcosm 1296/c3]
2002/11/24 - Liberating Capital!
[backup] [details]
from our corporate spokesperson Rico Barco
SITE: " - Always Low Prices!"

[See also Gridcosm 1448/c2]
Scott Blake - Bar Code Art
[backup] [details]
main line ( aka kissing Warhol on the lips ) Me? I prefer the green rope smoke
[See also Gridcosm 1024/c1]
Strange and Beautiful Music
[backup] [details]
had no choice but to go Fishing with John . This here space
SITE: "John Lurie and The Lounge Lizards' label, Strange and Beautiful Music. Strange and Beautiful Music is the independent label of John Lurie and The..."

[See also Gridcosm 2271/a3]
Was Benjamin Franklin's kite experiment a hoax?
[backup] [details]
Was Benjamin Franklin's kite experiment a hoax?
SITE: "Chicago Sun-Times Online"

[See also Disc.Art. #6691]
Welcome to 12-20art!
[backup] [details]
the Good & Plenty challenge: He who
SITE: "12-20art offers limited edition giclee prints signed and numbered by contemporary pinup artists"

[See also Gridcosm 1055/a2]
World -
[backup] [details]
Fly Cla rk Fly or, if you'd rather
[See also Gridcosm 2584/a1]
YayHooray! - Projects & Design - dreamcast ethernet - anyone in japan?
[backup] [details]
Homeland Security parodies abound.
SITE: "Commune with other creatives at Yay Hooray!, a bulletin board site for designers run exclusively by its members. Depending on your history of posts,..."

[See also Disc.Art. #6169]

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