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A SITO Synergy Collaborative Art Project. January through March 1994.

"the chance meeting on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella"
-Comte de Lautreamont, Les Chants de Maldorer

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Images from the Kopi Cafe

Photographed by Harlan Wallach


From the original announcement...

an irrational convergence of disparate objects

an exhibition of the exquisite corpse created in a cross-internet collaboration by the artists of the OTIS on-line gallery

exhibition organized by Harlan Wallach

see the corpses in person
Opening reception Friday April 8, 6pm to 8pm
Kopi Cafe, 5317 N. Clark, Chicago IL 60640

(running until early May)

NOTE: This was in 1994.

Rules of the Game

An exquisite corpse is a dada-esque exercise and scribbly-sketchy parlor game "played" by gazillions of folks every year. It's an activity in which a piece of paper is folded into three or four sections. Each segment is then drawn upon by as many different persons. The one drawing the top section renders a head and neck, they then pass the folded paper to the next person who draws the body. The body-sketcher then gives the paper to the final participant, who is to draw the legs. This is usually done in a "triple-blind" fashion, meaning that none of the participants sees the others' drawings until the "corpse" is complete.

SYNERGY:CORPSE is a twist on this, designed to exploit the vastness of Internet and the integral digistics of computer graphics.

The project culminated in a 6-week exhibition at the KOPI CAFE in Chicago, Illinois.

Final printouts were matted and framed by Harlan Wallach, the organizer of the exhibition and co-creator of SYNERGY:CORPSE.

Participants were allowed to submit images via snail-mail or by utilizing FTP. Most chose the latter.

The corpses created were in three sections. There were multiple "templates" to choose from. Templates were created to make sure the necks and waists lined up correctly.

Whether they created their corpse-segments (up to 8 different segments to choose from, they could have done one of each if they chose to) on their computer or on paper, they were to have to conform to these set dimensions... (measurements in inches)

        abc+z model: 8.5" x 11" overall
                a: head section
                   neck marks on bottom (2.5" in from each side)

                b: body section
                   neck marks on top (2.5" in from each side)
                   waist marks on bottom (2" in from each side)

                c: legs section
                   waist marks on top (2" in from each side)

                z: alternative body section
                   neck marks on top (2.5" from each side)
                   waist marks on bottom (4.5"wide 2" from left side)

        ghi+y model: 8.5" x 11" overall
                g: head section
                   two necks on bottom (2" wide, .5" apart,
                                        2" in from either side)

                h: body section
                   two necks on top (2" wide, .5" apart,
                                     2" in from either side)
                   waist on bottom (4.5" wide, 2" in from
                                    either side)

                i: legs section
                   waist on top (4.5" wide, 2" in from either)

                y: alternative body section
                   two necks on top (2" wide, .5" apart
                                     2" in from either side)
                   waist marks on bottom (4.5" wide, 2" in on either side)


                         a-b-c          g-h-i
                         a-z-i          g-y-c

Participants were to have "signed" each section they created with their name and location. The signature should have run along the left edge of the image. Most did this, some didn't, so you might have to use the LIST OF PLAYERS to identify a specific Corpse's origin.

Each participant was allowed to create one of each possible section (a,b,c,g,h,i,y,z).

The participants/players were assigned SYNERGY IDs with which to name their images. During the middle of CORPSE, we changed our ID convention, so you'll see the pre and post styles of IDs listed for some participants.

                        (example: b-a1.gif)
                                Section B rendered by A1

                All images were printed in 256-level greyscale.


People who actively participated in CORPSE.
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