The SITO Copyright System
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All work on SITO, unless otherwise noted, is copyrighted by the creator of that work.

In the case of multi-artist collaborative works, the copyright is held by SITO Electronic Arts, with copyright of the individual pieces within the work as a whole (if discernable) reverting to the individual artist.

As one might expect, collaborative art with multiple creators can pose some sticky copyright issues. The bottom line is that we ask that you respect the artists and always make an attempt to contact somebody before you use works in any way. At minimum, try contacting SITO.

Configurable copyright system on SITO

Most of our projects and artwork make use of a system whereby the artists participating can chose their own copyright. They are allowed to choose from a list of pre-established copyrightshelp: Configurable copyright options or set ones of their own, using their own wording.

When considering the copyright of anything on SITO, these chosen copyrights should be your first step. Again, we ask that you respect the artists and, whenever there is any doubt, contact the artists first. You can always find out at least something about any artist (email address, copyrights they prefer) by consulting their SITOme