Who or what is SITO?
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What is going on here?

There may seem to be an air of mystery behind SITO, an anonymity. This is not intentional, but merely a side-effect of smooth-running automated software, modest organizers, and not enough time to gloat as much as we would like to!

What is SITO?

If you are wondering exactly What is SITO? beyond the extent given in the General Intro, then might we suggest the nice entry for SITO on Wikipedia.org. It has some history and explanation.

Who is SITO?

SITO is an art community that inhabits a website, SITO.org. Here they post art, play collaborative art games, and talk about stuff. We SITO admins make every attempt to allow ideas from members of this community help shape SITO, and usually end up being limited by resources or time. But SITO is big on experimentation and collaboration, so we try to do our best!

Who runs SITO?

There are many volunteers and supporters who have helped make SITO work over the years. You can see a woefully incomplete list at the bottom of our Donation page (where you can also learn about donating to SITO, coincidently).

Day-to-day operations on SITO are performed mostly by the creator and zookeeper, Ed Stastny, and programmer/troublemaker, Jon Van Oast.

Where is SITO?

The two aforementioned maintainers mostly call Portland, Oregon home, but like to visit other places when they can, so why not meet them for coffee in your locale?

The actual chunk of metal that is SITO.org lives in Omaha, Nebraska, where it was left in the caring hands of the uber-generous at Novia.net.

We consider SITO, as a community, to be located on the Internet and be a global entity without geographical association.


It's a labor of love and/or madness.

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