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What's New? What's News?

A lot goes on in the busy world of SITO. Too much for us to keep track of, that's for sure. So we programmed some little scripts to keep track for us! This is SITO News.

All sorts of (hopefully) note-worthy events that happen in the far reaches of SITO are tracked by our newsbots and sorted into appropriate categories (such as Artchive, Gridcosm, etc.). Each event is noted as a "headline", and all visitors are welcome to sift through these headlines whenever they wish.

To read the latest news on SITO, click the news button at the top of this page.

News Flash!help: News Flash!

The main portal to SITO News is through News Flash! This will help you sort through all the headlines from the past right up to those happening this very moment. It's a good place to start if you want to see what's new.

If you are logged in with your SITO ID, you can always get to News Flash! by clicking the tiny news icon at the top of each page (news). If you see this button highlighted, it means there is some new news at which you might want to take a look.

News Briefshelp: News Briefs

Having a SITO ID also lets you take advantage of News Briefs. These are notices that our newsbot emails to you whenever there is news to report. News Briefs are very flexible. You can choose the categories you wish to be notified about, whether you want to be sent a brief daily or once a week, and if you want a full list of headlines or simply a short summary of news.

If you are logged in, you can go to your user options page (the EDIT PROFILE button at the top) and set the categories you want News Briefs for, and how you would like to receive them.

Newswirehelp: Newswire

In this modern day of "blogging" (whatever that means) and information interchange, you might be interested in having your website syndicate SITO News. Well, you are in luck!

If you have an RSS reader or website/"blog" which is capable of retrieving from an RSS source, you are set. For more details, check out the help page. Let us know if it actually works.

Groblin News Report

A bot to post newsworthy notes and SITO artivities to Mastodon. Follow the fun in the fediverse at

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